ZNZ one and ZNZ Big Cash Review

ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash Review!

After using this program for a few months now. I can honestly say that its been a great experience and worth the effort. ZNZ One is truly legit and it pays like it says. If you get a referral you get paid for that referral that day via PayPal or Payza.


ZNZ ONE is the BEST online referral programs on the internet! It takes only two seconds to join! You don’t need ANY Internet experience to make money with ZNZ. If you can read emails or surf the Internet you can do this!

The layout of the site is pretty basic. You can navigate through the site’s offers fairly easy. The only con you could say is the FREE offers. This changes from time to time for whatever reason. They require you to complete 1.00 credits before you can make money by referring other people. The main reason is to prevent these really smart people from signing up for multiple accounts.
How difficult is the 1.00 credit offer and is it FREE?

There is normally 3-7 completely FREE offers. Usually you can join a free offer like FreeCreditReport.com (Free Trial) or applying for a credit card ect. You DO NOT have to buy anything unless you want to. Just make sure you cancel before the trial period is over so you don’t get charged! I was in such a rush to make money with ZNZ that I just went ahead and joined GameFly.com’s offer which was like $4.95 but got the credit immediately! Why did I do that? Certain offers will get you the 1.00 credit immediately so can start making money instantly! However, there are some offers you might have to wait a day or two after joining them! Anyway, I think mine has proven to be a great investment because I made about $90 about 24 hours later and more after that. Keep in mind, that you only need to complete that 1.00 credit offer, you do not have do anything else with the site again period!

Unlike some of these marketers who always promise ridiculous earnings like becoming a millionaire, I won’t do that! However, I will say that if you apply yourself to the simple strengths of this EASY program, you can make anywhere from $100-$400 each day!

How much is a referral?

You can earn $20 per referral with ZNZ ONE or $60-80 per referral for ZNZ Big Cash. All of your referrals go straight to your PayPal account or Payza account unless you request regular checks. Keep in mind, in order for you to get credit for a referral, a person must complete the 1.00 credit offer like you did. It’s a fairly simple program once you actually get everything setup!

If you are interested in trying this program, please click here now!

Is ZNZ ONE a scam?

If you have landed on my blog this means you were probably doing a search on Google or Bing looking to find out if ZNZ ONE or ZNZ BIG CASH is a scam?


Let me put you at ease here…the answer is no! ZNZ is truly legit! However, I am not going to pretend that there aren’t any cons to the programs. As for the pros, they pay daily and you don’t have to sell anything to make money! You can make anywhere from $20 to $1000 in a day depending on how many people you can get to join the program. The best part of ZNZ to me is you don’t have to fill out surveys or do MLM to make money! Moreover, you don’t need to create a blog, website or learn SEO! There are also systems like this blog’s one that can help generate leads for you to make cash! ZNZ is The 1 2 3 Step System we use on this blog to help people who are not internet wizards to make money online! So as you can tell my opinion on ZNZ may be a little bias but what I am saying is true. If you have done any real search on google, it’s very hard to find people speaking negative about ZNZ! The people who seem post negative stuff about ZNZ do not really understand how it works. I am not talking about people who have moved on from ZNZ because they want more leverage or bigger profits!

Now the only major con I see with ZNZ is that you have to have a credit card to get started. You are not required to buy anything but you need a card to try a trial offer to get your 1.00 credit requirement. I label this as con because most people do not want to use there credit card. That’s the only issue with getting leads with ZNZ. However, you should keep in mind that if you do you one offer you are now able to get paid $20 for each person you refer and if you join ZNZ BIG CASH, you can make $60-80 per referral So using your credit card just for a free trial to something like “gamefly.com” doesn’t sound like a big deal now does it? There is also strategies in our sytem to bring traffic to your ZNZ accounts to make you earn money. I know this sounds like its too good to be true, but for some people can really be that good. It all depends on how motivated you are to make money. It’s really that simple! If you are interested in joining ZNZ click the link below!


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